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4 MANIPULATION-PROOF SECRETS to a TIGHT Relationship without fear of settling for less or losing yourself...

Your Host

Rianna Scipio is Creator of The Tight Relationship Formula. She's helped professional women all over the world build a TIGHT Relationship through deep authenticity.

Her original formula is now being recognised by big tech companies such as Indeed as the pathway to true success in the work space too.

Hear What People Say About Us

"Don't walk, run to this opportunity."


''The relationship roadmap cuts through trial and error."


''This isn't just course, it's an experience."


''They should teach this in schools."


Here's what you'll learn in this 40-minute webinar

• Are you stuck on the hamster wheel of risky trail and error and working way too hard in your life and relationship, instead of rushing towards your deepest fulfilment? Discover how to escape the soul-crushing reasons most professional women unknowingly cheat themselves of the joy, stability and happiness of a balanced and satisfying life and relationship they deserve.

• You often feel lonely but you simply fear that you can't trust yourself not to lose everything you've worked so hard to build, for a relationship that could easily knock you off-course?  Learn why so many professional women feel they have to choose between a TIGHT relationship and professional success... and the 6 hidden areas Rianna used to build an international business that 's as natural to her as breathing, and a TIGHT relationship that she loves... fast. 

• You're professionally respected, but you still feel deep down that you don't deserve to have it all? Learn how to make small tweaks in 6 areas of The Authenticity Triangle that allowed Rianna to build a multi-million dollar company, while building a TIGHT relationship, focusing on her passions, and most of all staying true to herself, no matter what!

• Does it ever feel like you are slowly losing the passion you had when you started your relationship or career? Maybe you even experience health problems from stress and anxiety. Find out how to shift your personal and work relationships to bring back fulfilment, joy, health, and passion (without making radical changes).

• Is your love life inconsistent (maybe even stalled) and would you rather stop sitting on the sidelines, wondering how other people seem to have it all? It's not your fault! Most Relationship Strategies are truly outdated!  Learn how Rianna replaces ineffective, hint's 'n' tips based programs, with a proven TIGHT relationship formula, that raised her clients rates of knowing exactly what to do by over 190%.

• Do you still struggle with lacking confidence and uncertainty?  See how Rianna used her intuition combined with her smart life and relationship strategy to overcome burnout, health issues, and even anxiety – and turned those challenges into fuel for an extraordinary life and relationship lived on her own terms.

• Does it ever feel like you need to sacrifice one thing in order to gain another? Find out how to rise above this false paradigm of self-sacrifice, stop letting out-dated beliefs and habits run your life - and start living and running your life and relationship on your terms.

• Do you still struggle with knowing who your ideal relationship or work-partner is? Ask yourself these 4 simple questions to create a crystal-clear ‘TIGHT Relationship Mission’ that’s aligned with your truest meaning, fulfilment and joy.

A gifted intuitive coach at heart, Rianna is an international speaker with an international coaching and speaking company. She has taught the art and science of building TIGHT relationships through deep authenticity to professional women around the world for over 10 years.

Rianna is the Master Relationship & Authenticity Coach to many of today's Women Leaders

Rianna is a powerful Public Speaker and Host at live events around the world. *Rianna sitting down with International Author Deepak Chopra in Los Angeles









NEW “Relationship Roadmap” We’re Using To Help Hundreds of Professional Women Like You Build a TIGHT Relationship

Without Settling For Less Or Losing Themselves

More Reasons To Join Our Webinar:

  • Tried And Tested With Our Proven Formula

  • Complete Relationship Tune Up

  • Simple And Powerful 'Resets'

  • Proactively Build Your TIGHT Relationship Blueprint

  • Dissolve Relationship Roadblocks

  • No More Risky Trial And Error

  • No More Settling For Less Or Losing Yourself!

  • Be 100% Confident In Your Decisions

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